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Welcome to Ekerö Public Library

At any time of day or night, you can access reading recommendations or tips on what’s happening at the library.

You don’t need a library card to get tips online or to take part in the libraries’ various events.

Borrow at the library

At the librayr you can borrow books, audio books, DVD:s, Magazines and Music CD:s.

Borrow books online

If you wish to borrow something you do need a library card – which is free of charge. Once you have a library card you can borrow e-books directly via computer, some mobile phones and some tablet PCs.

Computers and wireless connection at the library

Biblioteket i Ekerö centrum and Barnens eget bibliotek i Stenhamra has computers you can use if you have a library card. In Ekerö centrum we have a computer available to use for 10 minutes if you don't have a library cart, but if you need to use a computer for a longer period you can book a time. If you bring your own computer, you can use the library's wireless network to connect to the Internet free of charge.

If you are studying

The library in Ekerö Centrum has study rooms you can book.


Ask a librarian!

Library staff can help you find books and other media you are looking for.

For children

The Libraries in Ekerö Centrum and Barnens eget bibliotek i Stenhamra offers many activities for children, with extra activities during school holidays.


Our libraries in social media

If you want to know more about what is happening at the library, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Biblioteket i Ekerö centrum:

Barnens eget bibliotek i Stenhamra: